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Limited Edition Agito Watch Winder

£23,000 Inc VAT

Procreo London

Find a secure and elegant watch cabinet to safely store your precious timepieces with Procreo’s luxury watch winder boxes. 

When you own a collection that includes several luxury or vintage timepieces, the need for an appropriate place to store them becomes imperative. Our luxury watch cabinets will keep them organised and secure in the most fashionable case you would be proud to display. 

Inside the box you will find 8 watch roll pillows stored under the lid, made in ultra-suede to accommodate your manual watches.

For your automatic mechanical watches, the main section of the watch box gives you choice of 4 or 6 watch winders with pre-programmed watch rotators offering personalised modification to directions and rotations per day to keep the timepieces running correctly. Making sure your watches are always ready to wear, no matter how long it has been since they have been taken out of their box.  You can select Agito model with secure glass front allowing you to view the rotation of the winders, or you may choose Agito || with closed wooden front, keeping the magic hidden behind the doors. 

Available to order with 12 weeks lead time. 

Worldwide shipping is available.


Agito watch boxes like all other Procreo products are hand-made to finest quality. They are expertly constructed from natural timber, offering most unique and exquisite patterns of hand-laid marquetry to choose one that suits your personal taste and interior scheme. Inside you will find watch winder mechanisms made in Switzerland, using latest technology Swiss made micromotors ensuring to preserve the longevity and mechanical integrity of your precious timepieces. 

Further technical information 

  • Power supply with 2 type C batteries or mains via USB-C cable
  • 3 years of autonomy with use of the two type C batteries included 
  • Configurable via our Bluetooth application or via USB-C cable 

Solid sycamore, solid brass, natal inlays of various shades of wood veneer. 

Toughened glass for Agito models.

Neutral faux suede covering watch rolls and front face surrounding the watch winders.

W380mm, D300mm, H409mm 

W14.96 inches, D11.8 inches, H16.10 inches  

Please contact us for detailed technical drawings and additional measurements.

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