The creative process with Procreo

The creative process with Procreo

From Sketch To Realisation 

Most of our clients when commissioning a piece of furniture or accessory through us are interested in the design process that we carry out and show enthusiasm in being a part of the journey that forms creation of their projects.

The process usually starts from an initial sketch to communicate the ideas and explore various shapes, colours and patterns. Sketching is normally quicker than computer modelling for the initial phase of design, it also adds an interesting personal touch to the creative process. A number of variations are usually studied at the sketching phase to land on the most liked and suitable design route for each project. Mood boards are also created at times to show the choices of materials, textures and general feel and vibe of the project.

Italma console table.
*Italma console table in light oak with inlays of ripple light grey eucalyptus and marquetry on door fronts, featuring gold and silver leaf on left
Italma console table in dark walnut with inlays.
*Italma console table in dark walnut with inlays of light grey sycamore to create contrast lines and application of two tones of gold Liquid Metal on right 
Italma console table in dark.
Italma console table in dark walnut.
*Commissioned by a private client in bespoke materials and measurements to suit the intended interior space


When choosing materials, we choose them carefully, considering the final look and feel of the piece, as well as ensuring highest quality materials from sustainable sources are used. We work with a selection of soft textures like suede, leather or velvets for lining of the drawers or internal compartments and fine details. Timber forms the main structure of most our pieces. We use solid walnut or oak which we find to be the most sustainable high quality option available in Europe. A wide range of veneers with various textures and colours are then selected to create our creative patterns in form of hand-made marquetry for decorating certain surfaces of the exterior of our products.

Procreo materials.

Metal accents are often selected to provide further structure where required, or as means of enhancing the look, using finishes like brass, nickel, steel or mirror. Precious and semi-precious materials like gold and silver leaf, Pearl or marble are also used in certain projects. Of course, each piece we design is made to be personalised, so you can tailor the materials and shades to suit your space and taste.

We find creating physical samples for each project is a very useful tool to confirm the final selection. This final stage prior to production ensures that the selected materials and patterns are exactly as intended by the design.

All the sampling and actual manufacturing of our pieces are done through most capable hands of British artisans and cabinet makers that we have worked with for many years.

Once the concept is agreed and decided on based on study of the sketches, and sampling process; more accurate computer generated models of the pieces are created. These models are very close representation of the finished product, and give our customers a very good idea of what they can expect as a completed piece.

Computer generated image of our Elixir Bar Box.
Computer generated image of our Elixir Bar Box on a bar.
*Computer generated images of our Elixir Bar Box 

We also use these computer generated models on our website where our Prostyler app allows the users to place the products into their interior environment and view them in their real scale in situ. Providing Further assurance that the custom piece that they are purchasing from us is exactly right for their needs.

Charlemagne desk computer model. Charlemagne desk sketch.
*Charlemagne desk in inlays of various shades of red, with polished brass details and marquetry on drawer front. Sketch and computer model stage 

From this point the magic happens through the hands of experts in the workshops; carpenters, glass blowers, or upholsterers use tried and tested methods passed down through generations to create interior products that stand the test of time. The making process is also recorded and shared with our clients in form of photography and videos throughout the process.

Completed Elixir Bar Box on bar. Completed Elixir Bar Box.
*Completed piece. Elixir Bar Box in application of two tones of gold and silver, using a modern technique.

Production phase is generally around 12 weeks, at the end of which we all get to admire the ideas coming to life as finished products and most importantly, the enjoyment of our satisfied clients in receiving their piece in its destined space.

Completed Charlemagne desk.
*Completed Charlemagne desk in inlays of red veneer in high gloss finish
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