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How to Choose The Right Desk

Choose the right desk and create a study that is suited to you

How to get inspired and increase productivity by choosing the right desk

Your interior space, working environment, and most importantly the desk you choose to work from, each play an important role in inspiring you and have a real effect on your productivity levels. 

It is accepted that our environment has a huge impact on our mindset; aesthetics affect both our emotions and our decision-making abilities. Therefore, when it comes to furnishing your interior working environment or choosing a desk, it is important to focus on creating a space that is conducive to both efficiency and inspiration.  

Over many years of working as a furniture designer, I have been asked to work on creating customised desks and designing office interiors more than any other pieces and areas in a client’s premises.

Having successfully transformed many cramped study spaces with little natural light and boxes full of clutter to become inspiring spaces that are functional and motivating to work from, I am sharing my top tips for curating the perfect study space that encourage your creativity and imagination and enhance your satisfaction.

Lancelot Desk by Procreo in Luxury Apartment.
 Lancelot Desk By Procreo

1. Choose a Desk That is cutomised to You

We all have our individual preferences and needs when it comes to our working style; what you do as a profession and your personal mindset dictate the unique requirements to maximise your productivity and fulfil your needs. Choosing a customised desk means those individual preferences and working styles can be met trough the bespoke design process.  

When setting up the online platform of Procreo, I ensured that there a significant level of customisation is possible using our online configurator. The platform allows those customisations that are most requested by private clients when ordering a bespoke desk. Now they are easily available online for you to choose from and create your own unique desk in the comfort of your home. It does not end there, of course. If you have further requirements and needs that are not already catered on Procreo’s online configurator, I would de delighted to work with you to create a unique desk and workstation that meets your every need –from the the demands of comfort, efficiency, and, of course, design appeal, to those unique features and surprises that only a bespoke desk can provide.

When it comes to the style and design of your study, the desk tends to set the tone for the rest of the space. This is due to its functional role, as well as it commonly taking a position that isthe focal point of the study. In order to create the right statement with your desk, we first ask what kind of atmosphere are you trying to create.  Do you require a comfortable and understated look, or a structured formal setting for your working space? Do you want a modern piece or something classically inspired?  Will it in natural wood tones or in a vibrant hue?  All is possible with Procreo’s bespoke service.

For example, our Spadille desk is the epitome of airy sophistication. Its clean-lined silhouette is ideal for encouraging a focused and calm mind. Ample storage allows the desk to meet all functional criteria while the high-gloss sycamore finish is hand-tinted to an impeccably smart tone of grey.

Front view Spadille Desk by Procreo. Side View Spadille Desk by Procreo.
Spadille Desk By Procreo

We have optimised the storage space within our desks. They have ample drawers and a large selection of compartmentalised trays to choose from. Our functional, but impeccable, storage solutions allow you to keep all distractions out of your sight, but immediately and conveniently at hand for when you need them. These additional trays fit the middle drawer of any of our desks and provide you space to store all your belongings, from stationary to cufflinks and even watches – all in your chosen colour of one of our luxurious suede linings. 

Built-in filing drawers, ventilated cupboards for concealing computer towers, and discrete cable management can be added on request to all our desks.  

Open Spadille Desk by Procreo with Tan Interior. Open Spadille Desk by Procreo with Grey Interior.
Spadille Desk By Procreo

Unsure about what would suit your particular space? Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you smoothly through the process for a professional and enjoyable experience, from the very start through to completion of your dream project -including a seamless installation at the end of the project.

2. Positioning within the room

If the desk is free-standing in the centre of the room, you can opt for a softer look with decorative marquetry patterns on the back as well as the front, so that the piece creates an inviting and elegant view as you enter your study.

If you plan for your desk to go against a wall, you may wish to choose a plain straight back, and focus on the visual appeal on the top and front of the desk that are within your view. 

Our Jack of Spades desk, asfeatured here was, presented with the two mentioned looks to our client; one with a closed modesty panel, one with an open back, to provide different options depending on its proposed position within the client’s premises. 

Customised Jack of Spades Desk by Procreo Side View. Customised Jack of Spades Desk by Procreo Front View.
Customised Jack of Spades Desk by Procreo Side View 2. Customised Jack of Spades Desk by Procreo Side View 3.
 Jack of Spades Desk By Procreo

3. Make your Office Your Own

At the end of the day, your office should say something about who you are. It should reflect your unique personality andit should also give you pleasure to just be in the room you have created. This means not solely investing in functional furnishings. Allow yourself some more whimsical additions too; those decorative/non-essentials that catch your eye and make your desk unique, reflecting your taste. 

Marquetry details that make a statement or are playful, whether in neutral colours or vibrant tones, can be created to your own style and taste –a key customisable feature of Procreo’sfurniture pieces.  We allow you the luxury of adding decorative elementsthat reflect your taste and desires.

Marquetry is a unique hand-laid application of veneers that are cut precisely to create the patterns featured on our furniture.  For example, the front drawer of our Roland desk featured below, or the entire whole curvature of our Spadille desk top are fine examples of the creative use of marquetry. This level of fine detail adds significant value to your pieces of furniture and transforms them from a merely practical desk to an art piece worthy of keeping for a life timeandpassing on to future generations. 

Roland Desk by Procreo in Luxury Apartment.
Roland Desk By Procreo
If you’re considering refreshing or creating a luxurious and stylish home office space and would like expert advice on choosing the right pieces for the room,or to discuss any specific requirements that you may have, we would be delighted to hear from you. Come and explore how a unique Procreo desk can make your office your creative and inspirational home.
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